Wiser Model


Whole – WISER leaders integrate multiple sources of intelligence – head, heart and gut. Reason and logic are balanced with values of compassion, empathy, curiosity, humility and kindness. They show up in their full authentic humanity and acknowledge and work on their shadow side as well as leverage their strengths.

Intentional – WISER leaders are purposeful yet remain open to possibility and the unexpected. They’re aware of their hardwired mindtraps and conditioned responses and adopt intentional daily practices to activate the higher-functioning areas of their mind to live and work more consciously and with more joy and ease.

Sage – WISER leaders adopt a sage perspective. They’re aware of their own worldview and how that shapes their behaviour. They experiment with different ways of framing an issue to generate new possibilities. They have an expanded perception and act out of that fuller perception for the good of people and planet.

Energised – WISER leaders take responsibility for managing their energy not just their time. They reduce energy drains and adopt renewing habits. They create norms and practices that unleash the energy of those around them. They can self-regulate their nervous system to be at their best more of the time.

Relational – WISER leaders see themselves as part of an interconnected web of relationships. They listen deeply, create connections and facilitate conversations that matter. They actively develop others, offer feedback and share appreciation. They use participatory approaches to harness the collective wisdom of others.

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