Conscious Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching is holistic. We focus on how leaders think, make decisions, manage their emotions and energy, access their intuition, stay focused and reduce self-sabotaging habits that undermine their performance. Each coaching engagement draws from our unique WISER methodology, but is tailored to each individual’s needs and goals. Results include: 


An expanded perspective that enables you to work wisely with complex, nuanced and interconnected perspectives

Enlivened connection to what you really care about and the difference you want to make so you can lead with integrity and authenticity.


Increased resilience – beyond just bouncing back, you’ll learn to turn every challenge into a gift or opportunity

Increased attention span, focus and clarity of thought. You’ll learn how to consciously make wise decisions rather than stay stuck in a reactive, auto-pilot mode.


Reduced stress and fatigue and increased energy levels – you’ll learn practical ways to renew your energy in the moment – right when you most need it

Enhanced quality of relationships – by changing your inner state, you’ll bring the best out of others and increase team harmony, engagement and impact

Need help fast? Book a one-off Energy MOT session

You are facing a big goal, or challenge and you need the energy and focus to achieve it. In this 1:1 Energy MOT session, we’ll explore what is draining your energy and create a personalised plan to build energy boosting moments into your day. You will also learn a 3 minute attitudinal breathing technique to recharge quickly in the midst of stress and overwhelm.

Take a free saboteur assessment

Key to being a wiser, conscious leader is weakening the internal Saboteurs who hold you back from being at your best and generate stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness. Take your free saboteur assessment here.

Book a free discovery call

Book a 30 minute free discovery call with Dr Sarah Taylor to find out if our coaching approach is a good match for your current challenges and goals. 

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