Energy for Impact Coaching

Make 2022 your most energised year yet!

Our 1:1 ‘Energy for Impact’ coaching programme helps you move from surviving to thriving. Let’s face it, life today can feel overwhelming. With Dr Sarah Taylor as your compassionate guide, you will rise above the demands of daily life and reboot your energy levels. You will address root causes of energy drains and learn new ways to access untapped sources of energy, stay focused and reduce self-sabotaging habits. Your programme includes


A holistic ‘energy MOT’ to get clearer on how you are currently fueling and managing your energy and which areas are in need of attention.

Increased clarity on what really enlivens you so that you are fueled by a deep sense of purpose rather than a pressure to perform


A personalised action plan to boost your energy levels across the four zones of physical, mental, emotional and purposeful energy 

An energy/impact assessment to help you reduce or transform energy drains and to channel your energy rather than spread yourself too thinly so you can achieve your biggest goals.


Instruction in powerful coherence-building breathing techniques to help you recharge quickly throughout the day and recover more quickly from stressors

Increased awareness of relational energy and how to bring out the best in others by changing your inner state

Need help fast? Book a one-off Energy MOT session

You are facing a big goal, or challenge and you need the energy and focus to achieve it. In this 1:1 Energy MOT session, we’ll explore what is draining your energy and create a personalised plan to build energy boosting moments into your day. You will also learn a 3 minute attitudinal breathing technique to recharge quickly in the midst of stress and overwhelm.

Take a free saboteur assessment

Key to regaining our energy is weakening the internal Saboteurs who hold you back from being at your best and generate stress, anxiety, self-doubt, frustration, regret, shame, guilt, and unhappiness. Take your free saboteur assessment here.

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Book a 30 minute free discovery call with Dr Sarah Taylor to find out if our coaching approach is a good match for your current challenges and goals. 

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