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Self-care for those who care – a voice from a wellbeing worker

As workers in the health and wellbeing sector, whether frontline or providing an integral part of supporting statutory services from home, many of us have had to adapt rapidly in response to COVID-19 e.g. providing remote support; re-prioritising care based on an ever higher threshold of need, reducing face to face contacts, using social distancing […]

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Transforming stress through the power of the heart

Let’s face it — life today is overwhelming. We are bombarded with information, distractions, expectations and competing commitments. We live with a constant sense of there not being enough time for all the things we believe are important to us. It’s a struggle to stay on top of the to-do-list let alone longer term goals. […]

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Learning to Slow Down and Love the Journey in a World Addicted to Being Busy

I’ve started to think that perhaps the most important measure of a life well lived is the amount of time spent in wholehearted living. I don’t mean time spent feeling happy, since life will always entail ups and downs, but a genuine sense of connection to ourselves, what we care about and the whole ecology […]

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