Leadership and team development

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding workshops and development programmes that are thought-provoking, experiential and grounded in solid theory. Our core areas of focus are:


How to lead in complex and uncertain times and develop the mindsets, skills and tools to navigate 21st-century challenges and wicked problems. We bring a human and experiential focus to help you move beyond an intellectual understanding of complexity and actually step into new ways of being and doing to make dramatic progress on your biggest challenge.


How to create the conditions for healthy, resilient and supportive teams. We bring a focus on the everyday work experience to identify ingrained patterns and shine a light on deeply held assumptions. We help you leverage small but powerful changes and work with you to find meaningful ways to gather feedback, measure changes and adapt.


How to harness relationships and conversations to create a culture of high-performance, growth and development. In a safe but stretching space, we’ll explore and experiment together with new ways of connecting, listening and questioning to create real and meaningful change in ourselves and others.


How to re-charge your inner battery and learn how to manage your energy, not just your time. We help you build a solid inner foundation so you can achieve your goals without exhausting yourself in the process and more easily persevere, adapt and grow in the face of adversity.

Fast-paced “lunch and learns” on any of the above topics can also be arranged.

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