Energised workplaces

What could be possible if you had more energy to direct towards your biggest goals? If you could be at your best more of the time? Human energy is the foundation of performance, engagement and wellbeing. To thrive in an increasingly complex and demanding environment, we need to learn ways to wisely manage our energy, not just our time. At ThriveWise, we are experts in this field and offer a unique programme that blends cutting-edge science, with practical energy self-regulation techniques that can be delivered to individuals or small groups.


Energy is crucial for wellbeing, resilience and performance. It is vital for our creativity, ability to problem-solve and sustaining good relationships. It gives us access to the psychological qualities that enable us to deal with change and disruption. If our energy goes, all these things are diminished. Current high levels of employee disengagement are wasting human energy that would otherwise be directed towards making an impact. Learning ways to optimize our own energy and unleash the latent energy in our organisations is seen as a vital 21st century leadership skill. 



Both ancient wisdom and leading-edge science agree that our human energy is reflected in our ‘state of heart’. When we experience energy renewing emotions such as inspiration, appreciation and awe, our heart rhythm patterns are more coherent. Coherence is an optimal state of performance that balances our mental, physical and emotional energy. It is like an ‘active calm’. Whilst this renewing state is available to us all of the time, we often block access to it with depleting thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The good news is that you can learn how to more wisely design your days and plug both inner and outer energy drains, adopt coherence-boosting practices and become a source of unleashing the latent energy in all those around you – one conversation at a time.



Your programme includes:

  • An Energy MOT (baseline assessment) to bring clarity to what drains and renews your energy levels
  • Four engaging modules delivered virtually or in person that cover the core zones of energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • Personal instruction in HeartMath energy-boosting attitudinal breathing techniques to use to recharge in the moment any time, any where
  • A HeartMath Inner Balance bio-feedback device and Smartphone app to track your progress and coherence levels in real-time
  • Co-design of new practices, habits and routines that will serve you a lifetime





    Studies from over 11,500 people show: 

    • Increased ability to think clearly and find more efficient solutions
    • Maintain poise and composure during challenges
    • Improved team harmony
    • Reduced fatigue, stress & exhaustion
    • Improved ability to learn
    • Increased access to moment-to-moment intuition throughout the day
    • Improvement in listening ability
    • Increased positive outlook and motivation
    • Higher engagement levels

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