Coaching Client, Senior Lecturer

25 Apr, 2021

I feel so lucky I found you Sarah! For me, always busy, always feeling stressed, our coaching has been truly groundbreaking. I can’t change workload, but by changing my response to it I am making myself a much more efficient worker, a more pleasant person to be around, and most of all more at peace with myself.  Sarah, thank you so much for everything you have done. I found your support so helpful. I thought you were so insightful and could help me pinpoint areas I struggled with and with your amazing capacity to verbalize these, you truly gave me groundbreaking ‘aha’ moments. I am so very happy I had the opportunity to connect with you on this journey. You created such a safe space for me to feel comfortable and I would recommend your coaching to anyone feeling overwhelmed by all they have to do. Thank you for everything,

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