Jill Loftus, Wellbeing Officer, City of Glasgow College

21 Mar, 2021

I had the pleasure of working with Dr Sarah Taylor when she delivered a series of virtual Energy MOT® sessions as part of our Winter Wellbeing programme at City of Glasgow College.  As humans, we need different energy sources to feel at our best and flourish. This requires a balance of physical, emotional, mental and purposeful energy. We tend to expend a lot of effort trying to manage our time, whilst taking our energy for granted. The result is that we end up depleted and running on an empty battery.  Throughout Sarah’s Energy MOT® sessions, our colleagues learned about their energy sources and gained greater awareness of how well they were managing their energy across the four dimensions.  They identified their major energy drains and how to reduce them as well as how to build more energy-boosting habits into their working day.  Sarah’s sessions were informative, engaging and feedback from colleagues was extremely positive. It is without hesitation that I recommend Dr Sarah Taylor and her Energy MOT® to improve wellbeing in your organisation.

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