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Transforming stress through the power of the heart

Let’s face it — life today is overwhelming. We are bombarded with information, distractions, expectations and competing commitments. We live with a constant sense of there not being enough time for all the things we believe are important to us. It’s a struggle to stay on top of the to-do-list let alone longer term goals. […]

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Learning to Slow Down and Love the Journey in a World Addicted to Being Busy

I’ve started to think that perhaps the most important measure of a life well lived is the amount of time spent in wholehearted living. I don’t mean time spent feeling happy, since life will always entail ups and downs, but a genuine sense of connection to ourselves, what we care about and the whole ecology […]

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Beyond Resilience: How to Live an Anti-fragile Life

Anti-fragile, by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, offers a unique perspective on stress, uncertainty and resilience. I found it an inspiring and challenging read. In this article, I’ll define anti-fragility, then share 6 ideas that I will personally try to use to live a more anti-fragile life. Finally, I’ll offer some reflections on why I think it’s […]

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We need to re-think workplace well-being for the age of burnout

Three mind shifts for wiser and more impactful organisational wellbeing approaches The word “wellbeing” is everywhere. From the glossy magazine advertising luxury retreats to the tattered pamphlet in the GP waiting room promoting a local walking club. Similarly, in the world of work, we are seeing a rise in corporate wellbeing initiatives. But, despite their […]

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Wiser Action for Uncertain Times

Many of the complex challenges we face today resemble existential crises rather than technical problems. So how can we act with more wisdom in these profoundly uncertain times? We experience an existential crisis when our worldview proves incapable of handling unexpected life experiences. As individuals, we may experience an existential crisis at a turning point […]

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